CEE HydroSystems in action

Setting up the RTK CEESCOPE™.

There is no faster and easier way to mobilize for high quality, small boat hydrographic surveys – shown here in 4X motion. With the complete survey system packaged in one compact and waterproof enclosure, simply connect the transducer and GNSS antenna and then the laptop and start surveying. With a built-in UHF radio to connect to your RTK base station, even the GNSS correction data is taken care of. Reduce mob time and maximize survey productivity with the CEESCOPE™ echo sounder system.

CEE ECHO™ and CEESCOPE™ versus Basic Echo Sounder.

For any survey environment, it is important to have adequate quality control data to have confidence that reported soundings are accurate. For areas with sub aquatic vegetation this becomes critical; this video shows just how wrong survey results might be if a basic echo sounder is used when it does not have the capabilities for the job. The Hydromagic or HYPACK echogram shows what is REALLY down there.

CEE-USV™ – Next Generation Unmanned Survey Boat.

The CEE-USV™ demonstration video introduces the remotely-operated hydrographic survey boat that is a genuine field survey tool and not a science project. Minimize mobilization time, eliminate field troubleshooting multiple on-board components. Simply turn on and start surveying.

CEE-USV™ – Unseasonal Wastewater Surveying in Northern Minnesota, USA.

The CEE-USV™ in action early in the survey season. With winds of 25mph gusting to 45mph and sub-zero temperatures, ice immediately formed on all the equipment. Surveying with manual control, plenty of attention was required to stay on the line plan. Don't try this with a toy-grade USV!

CEE-LINE™ – California Lake Survey with Trimble GNSS. 

Land survey firm GIS Surveyors Inc used the CEE-LINE™ echo sounder combined with a Trimble R10 RTK GNSS and Trimble TSC3 data collector to complete a bathymetric survey of Lake Eleanor. Located north of Los Angeles near Thousand Oaks, the small lake survey was best conducted from a kayak. Using a trolling motor to minimize the kayak roll movement, GIS’ Gavin McKellar was able to effectively and quickly complete the job.

CEE-USV™ – Up Close and Underwater.

The CEE-USV™ is shown from unique GoPro underwater views, highlighting the powerful dual motor / dual rudder design. Meanwhile, HYPACK acquisition software collects precise shallow-water bathymetry on the shore.

CEE-USV™ – Amazing 10ft (3m) Spacing for Survey Lines with CEE-PILOT™ Navigation System. 

Try this with a manned boat or manual RC control! The CEE-USV™ is able to execute unbelievably precise survey lines thanks to the autonomous waypoint system developed in partnership with marine autopilot industry specialist Dynautics Ltd. With laser-straight survey lines for an exceptional end product, and an unbelievably simple integrated software GUI built in to Eye4Software Hydromagic, there is no simpler way to add robotic operation to USV surveys.

CEE-USV™ – On the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). 

Surveying crude oil pipeline river crossings is a perfect application for a high performance USV such as the CEE-USV™. With enough power to handle high velocity Alaskan rivers and streams, pipeline surveyors are now able to conduct scour surveys safely, easily, and quickly even in the most remote locations along the 800 mile pipeline between Valdez and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska USA.

Amazing Shallow Water Kayak CEESCOPE™ Surveys – Bhutan 2017. 

How waterproof is your echo sounder? Here the CEESCOPE™ RTK is used to survey extremely shallow water with very challenging conditions. Watch the Bhutanese surveyors conduct surveying down the rapids!

CEE-USV™ – Tailings Pond and Acid Leach Pad Surveying. 

At a mine site in Arizona, USA the CEE-USV™ was in action performing bathymetry surveys to determine water volumes for site water balance modeling. With the process of copper leaching from rock piles using sulfuric acid, several of the reservoirs were strongly acidic (pH 2-3) meaning access on a manned boat was treacherous and the safety benefits of an unmanned survey boat were significant.

CEE-USV™ – Icebreaking in Canada. 

At an industrial site in British Columbia, Canada, surveyors were in action right until the end of the survey season. The CEE-USV™ was called on to break the ice to complete a small pond survey. Here is where the power of the dual motors and the robust fiberglass hull come in handy.

CEE HydroSystems – Hydrographic Survey Experts.

The compact and waterproof hydrographic survey equipment from CEE HydroSystems is used on shallow water survey boats, inshore Jon boats, jet skis, and remotely-operated survey boats (USVs) around the world. Watch single beam echo sounder and GPS / GNSS solutions for a streamlined and efficient survey process.

Dredging Survey in the Maldives. 

The dual frequency CEESCOPE™ 33/200 kHz is used on a small boat shallow water survey for a hydrographic sand survey as part of a dredging project. With minimal setup requirements, the CEESCOPE™ is ideal for use on boats where traveling light is important.

Extreme Shallow Survey – 200 kHz. 

The GoPro underwater footage coupled with real time HYPACK® bathymetry shows the flexibility of the CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ echo sounder in very shallow water. No need to worry about losing the bottom track or following a double echo trace, even in under 15cm (6″) water depth. Watch for the small pipe that is picked out on the echogram.

Wastewater Surveying with TEAM LAB Chemical in Minnesota USA. 

The CEE-USV™ bathymetry program is in action monitoring sludge buildup in municipal effluent lagoons. With biological treatment programs aimed at reducing the volume of sludge, TEAM LAB track the performance of these treatments with their unmanned survey boat.

CEE-USV™ Mine Site Surveying in British Columbia, Canada.

The mine environment presents a challenging hydrographic survey proposition. Access is often difficult or impossible for a manned boat and many reservoirs have a significant proportion of extremely shallow water. Bathymetry surveys are desirable for water volume monitoring for process management and also often required for dam safety reporting. This new CEE-USV™ survey program instituted by a West Canada coal mining firm includes settling ponds, pit lakes and tailings dams at multiple sites.

CEE-USV™ – Hydrographic Surveying Detroit Lake Oregon. 

Full service land and hydrographic survey specialists Statewide Land Surveying in Oregon, USA conduct a lake marina pre-dredge bathymetry survey with their CEE-USV™ and Trimble R8 GPS.

CEE-USV™ – Demonstrating the lidaretto Compact LiDAR. 

GEOTECH in Slovakia show off the new LiDAR integrated system on their CEE-USV™. Using a Velodyne LiDAR system, NovAtel SPAN INS with dual antenna and on-board recording, the lidaretto is easy to fit on the antenna wing of the CEE-USV™. On this setup, the CEESCOPE-LITE™ echo sounder is set up to receive GNSS RTK position from a Leica GS16 antenna using a Bluetooth link transferring data through the boat hull without any cable clutter.

US Marine Corps Survey Program. 

United States Marines from the 2’nd Intelligence Batallion based at Camp Lejeune discuss their shallow water, rapid mobilization survey capability.

ARC-Boats Used in California State Hydrology Program. 

CEE HydroSystems sells and supports the ARC-Boat remotely-operated acoustic Dopper current profiler (ADCP) survey vehicle in addition to the CEE-USV hydrographic survey boat. Here the California Department of Water Resources test out their latest acquisition on the Sacramento River. Designed for flood stage river cross section discharge measurements, the ARC-Boat vehicle, manufactured by HR Wallingford, has plenty of power in reserve and is a highly durable and exceptionally well designed USV.

See what Really Lies Below.

Watch HYPACK® data acquisition and simultaneous GoPro footage in a lake with heavy sub aquatic vegetation. Unlike “black box” or “digital depth” echo sounders, the CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ provide a detailed view of what really lies beneath the surface.


Sometimes there might be a difference between what is possible in the real world and what is claimed on sonar equipment specifications. Not with the 0.3m – 100m CEEPULSE™. Here is the evidence. Especially in shallow water, where other options may become unreliable, the CEEPULSE™ will offer reliable bottom tracking that will maximize data quality and minimize post processing edits.

Extreme Shallow Survey – 33/200 kHz. 

Even when using the 33/200 kHz dual frequency transducer option for the CEESCOPE™ or CEE ECHO™ echo sounder in very shallow water, both channel traces are able to keep tracking accurately, meaning less editing of your data after the survey is finished.

The Dual Frequency CEE ECHO™ Surveying Silver Springs, Ocala Florida with an Extreme Vegetation Challenge. 

With almost total sub aquatic vegetation coverage over most of the Silver River near the spring head in Ocala, obtaining accurate bathymetry is practically impossible. Standard 200 kHz echo sounders simply register echo returns from the top of the thick vegetation, as much as 2m (6.5 ft) above the real bottom. Using the CEE ECHO™, operating in dual frequency mode WaterCube were able to gather bathymetry and use HYPACK® digital echogram post processing to identify the plant canopy.

The CEE JET™ PWC Survey System

A turnkey personal watercraft “Jet Ski” survey system for near shore and surf zone hydrographic surveying. The CEE JET™ has a fully integrated CEESCOPE™ 200 kHz single beam echo sounder and RTK GNSS, on-board computer running HYPACK® acquisition software, UHF radio modem for differential corrections, and waterproof handlebar display.

The CEE JET™ PWC Survey System for Marine Science. 

In the surf zone and shallow water, the flexibility of a PWC JetSki single beam survey platform makes it sometimes the only method to conduct bathymetry surveys important for marine science investigations, remediation or beach nourishment projects.

Setting Up the CEESCOPE LITE™ in the CEE-USV™. 

The CEESCOPE LITE™ hydrographic single beam system used in the CEE-USV™ remotely-operated survey boat manages echo sounder data collection, GNSS positioning, and even data telemetry to the shore. Watch the fast and easy setup procedure.

The CEESCOPE-USV™ Dockside Demo. 

The unique built-in long range data telemetry adds another dimension to CEESCOPE™ survey applications. Use the CEESCOPE-USV™ echo sounder and GPS surveying system on a remotely-operated survey boat (USV) or a regular manned boat for a complete shallow water survey solution.

The CEE ECHO™ in Action on a Remotely Operated USV Drone Survey Boat 

Environmental consultants NewFields use a dual frequency CEE ECHO™ for surveys using a remotely-operated boat. The USV is often used on tailings ponds where clear delineation of the mudline is possible using the high definition echogram output from the single beam echo sounder on-board. The real time HYPACK® echogram display and an edited mine tailings pond survey are shown.

HYPACK® Data Acquisition – Monitoring Sub Aquatic Vegetation Height. 

The CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ digital echogram can be used to track the height and coverage of vegetation. With the true bottom clearly visible on the echogram, the echo sounder digitizer is set to track the top of the plants in real time and a simple digitization process may be used to record the true bottom in post processing. After editing, plant canopy height and extent may be easily and accurately derived from HYPACK® bathymetry data.

HYPACK® Data Acquisition with Single and Dual Frequency Operation. 

The CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ echogram may be viewed in HYPACK® for real time quality control. With automatic bottom tracking modifying the sonar characteristics to maintain a good bottom track, the differences between 33 kHz (low) and 200 kHz (high) frequency data is highlighted with a survey section over a loose unconsolidated silt bottom showing the divergence between high and low channel results.

HYPACK® 2024 New Driver for Operation of the CEE-USV™ Autopilot

In addition to viewing and recording survey data, HYPACK 2024 acquisition software may also be used to manage the CEE-USV™ autopilot system from within the HYPACK SURVEY module. Line plans may be uploaded to the USV allowing the vehicle to follow the route robotically while data logging is automatically enabled and disabled as the start and end of line is reached.

GNSS Data Viewer.

The CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ have a unique ability to display received GNSS messages from a third party receiver, via the onboard data terminal window. Minimizing field setup headaches and maximizing survey time, the GNSS viewer gives the operator a clear view of exactly how the GNSS receiver is configured without the need for a laptop.