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CEESCOPE™ Used for Davis Station Antarctic Base Runway Project Surveys. Surveying in the coldest place on earth presents significant challenges for instrumentation. As part of an Australian government initiative to investigate the possibility of a new concrete runway at the remote base site, a survey team were brought in to conduct a detailed site investigation using the CEESCOPE™ single beam echo sounder and the CEE-TSF™ side scan package. Read the case history to LEARN MORE
CEE-USV­™ with 33kHz CEESCOPE LITE™ Tackles Deep Acid Pit Lake Survey. Containing over 100ft of pH 2.5 acidic process leachate solution, the a large Western USA mine pit lake was successfully surveyed in October 2020 using the CEE-USV™. The low frequency 33 kHz transducer, on loan from CEE USA, was required to penetrate the concentrated solution. With the bathymetry complete, the future volume in the pit as it is drawn down can be calculated easily using the stage – volume curve generated by Hydromagic software. LEARN MORE.
CEESCOPE™ Selected for Reliability and Simplicity – US Navy
CEESCOPE™ Selected for Reliability and Simplicity – US Navy. After extended testing of the CEESCOPE™ “all in one” echo sounder and GPS, a US Navy unit outfitted their teams with the latest Military-spec CEESCOPE™ Eclipse system. Each CEESCOPE™ was supplied with HYPACK and Hydromagic software, rugged laptops and a heavy duty boat mount. The goal of the project was to simplify the collection of single beam data and eliminate separately interfaced GPS and sonar components, erratic Bluetooth connections, and temperamental equipment. With the CEESCOPE™, Navy users can opt to simply record all the data at the push of a button inside the echo sounder for a fast recon, or set up a full software acquisition project for more detailed surveys. The Hemisphere Atlas BASIC H-50 L-Band signal option offers inshore and coastal 0.5m accuracy with multi-constellation GNSS worldwide.
CEESCOPE™ Survey Program Commenced at Mississippi River Grain Terminal. As a result of rapid sedimentation at the grain terminal dock, frequent surveys are required to ensure dredging can be scheduled to maintain a safe water depth. The terminal operator was conducting surveys “in house” using a basic sonar and pen-and-paper recording, which was laborious and provided rudimentary data output. A CEESCOPE™ was acquired to offer a quantum leap in survey capabilities. The key benefit is the integrated data recording; the boat driver can simply turn on the CEESCOPE™, press the record button and then drive a survey pattern. Data are then later downloaded to the office PC where the site engineer can edit and generate bathymetry plots using Hydromagic software. LEARN MORE
Hydromagic Latest Version 9 with Multiple New Features. Through 2020, new features have been added to Hydromagic acquisition software. As has been the case for several years, many of these additions are a direct result of requests by CEE or our customers. As a result, the new features and improvements are particularly beneficial when using CEESCOPE™ or CEE ECHO™ systems, and especially useful when using the CEE-USV™ with its fully integrated Hydromagic waypoint route planner. LEARN MORE about all the new functionality in detail.
Mining Operator Invests in CEE-USV™ to Replace Existing RC Sonar Boats. After successful transitions to the CEE-USV™ remotely operated hydrographic survey boat at some of the firm’s other US sites, CEE were again in action conducting a startup and commissioning training course for mine water surveying, this time in the Arizona Desert. Limitations of the previous, “first generation” USV in use at the site for several years meant it was not able to survey the large tailings impoundments without needing to be towed by a manned boat. After  the introduction of the CEE-USV™, with its longer control range and endurance, all the site’s impoundments may be surveyed without needing a manned boat in the picture, improving the job safety. Read a CASE HISTORY detailing USA tailings surveying HERE.
Montana DOT Upgrade Unmanned Capabilities for River Cross Sections. After a competitive public tender, Montana Department of Transportation based in Helena MT acquired a CEE-USV™ survey boat for in-house bathymetry studies. After a project to obtain unmanned survey data with a smaller, low cost drone in the previous field season, DOT surveyors decided that only a professional-grade solution would provide the anticipated return on investment in the challenging field conditions in the state. LEARN MORE
Lagoon Survey with the CEE-PILOT™ Robotic Autopilot. A coastal lagoon was surveyed using the CEE-USV™ operated in robotic navigation mode. Allowing the operator to obtain remarkable survey lines with typical cross track error (XTE) of under 15cm (6″), the CEE-PILOT™ relies on an integrated blend of hardware and software to make operation of the system simple. Read the NEW CASE HISTORY describing the operation of the robotic navigation controller and data quality benefits associated with the autopilot. LEARN MORE.
Surveying in the Forest Pit.
Surveying in the Forest Pit. With survey sites resembling scenes from the Jurassic era, Statewide Land Surveying (OR, USA) were recently in action conducting surveys of small ponds with extreme canopy overhang in the Pacific Northwest.  It was impossible to safely launch or use a USV, and with extreme vegetation and debris in the water the CEESCOPE™ echo sounder with its detailed water column echogram could be used to gather accurate bathymetry data. With no usable GNSS, a total station was used to track position of a custom floating CEESCOPE™ echo sounder towed by a surveyor in a float tube. Statewide’s CEE-LINK™ radio, usually used as a USV shore station, was pressed into service transmitting the echo sounder data to the shore PC running Hydromagic.
Environmental Business Specialists go Unmanned. Southeastern USA wastewater consultants EBS Inc have been using a manned boat with a CEESCOPE™ dual frequency echo sounder for site surveys since 2017. Owing to an increasing call by clients for an unmanned option, EBS added the CEE-USV™ to their boat options. Using HYPACK® software for all data acquisition, EBS contributed to a new CASE HISTORY detailing the benefits of the unmanned approach for their surveys, often conducted at paper mills. Read the new CASE HISTORY HERE.
New CEE LINK™ Radio Launched.
New CEE LINK™ Radio Launched. While retaining the same external form factor, the CEE-LINK™ shore station used with the CEE-USV™ and CEESCOPE-USV™ has been extensively redesigned. A new panel and switchgear gives useful status indicators of battery life and radio operation. Internal battery runtime is improved from 9 hrs to 14 hrs between charging, and a rugged LEMO connector is added, allowing the CEE-LINK™ to use the same power supply as CEESCOPE™ echo sounders. With the latest long range WiFi radio inside, high bandwidth data telemetry is possible over several kilometers.
Enormous Environmental Testing Chamber Installed
Enormous Environmental Testing Chamber Installed. To replicate field temperature variations and extremes, CEE HydroSystems’ Sydney factory recently installed a climate controlled electronics testing chamber. The huge chamber was delivered on a large flatbed and after a successful installation all CEE electronics such as echo sounders, GNSS, radio telemetry and tide gauges are now exposed to a pre-determined temperature cycling designed to cause failure in any substandard components. The chamber investment is part of CEE’s continued commitment to product improvement and testing to maximize reliability when equipment is in the hands of customers.
Dam Bathymetric Surveys where Manned Boats Can’t Reach. Hydrologists at HydroQuebec in Canada are tasked with surveying areas around dams. Often in regions of high water flow and high velocities, it is generally forbidden to use a manned boat. The surveys are completed from the safety of the shore with the CEE-USV™ using the Trimble RTK CEESCOPE-LITE™ on board. See more of the system in action on a dam survey HERE.
Rapid Mobilization CEESCOPE™ and Side Scan Survey Kits for Royal Australian Navy. Military surveyors in the Royal Australian Navy recently received their new CEE tactical singlebeam and sidescan kits. With new packaging designed for the application, and specially ruggedized StarFish side scan and RTK CEESCOPE™ topsides, units are deployed on board survey ships HMAS Leeuwin and Melville, as well as survey launches Paluma, Mermaid, Shepparton and Benalla. Learn more about the RAN applications for the new equipment on the CEE Case History HERE. The tactical kit specifications and equipment component breakdown can be found in the brochure HERE.
Latest CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ Firmware adds Unique GNSS Terminal Viewer. After a significant programming effort, now all echo sounders sold after 2014 may be upgraded with a new GNSS terminal window within the echo sounder LCD menus. The new feature is designed to further reduce the potential for downtime when connecting an external GNSS receiver to the CEE ECHO™, or occasionally the CEESCOPE™ echo sounder and allows the user to see exactly what is being received from the GNSS receiver. Watch the terminal viewer in action HERE.
CEE-USV™ Combined Bathymetry and Water Quality Surveys. With a simple but effective installation featuring real time data transfer to the shore operator, a West coast US surveying firm used their CEE-USV™ with an In-Situ multiparameter sonde. Read the In-Situ case history HERE.
CEE-USV™ Hydrographic Surveying in the Desert. The summer temperatures in the southwest USA desert are routinely in the region of 110F (43C). There are not too many lakes in Arizona, but a mine operator recently used their CEE-USV™ to conduct a water storage investigation on a dam that supplies water to the site. See more of the surveys HERE.
CEE HydroSystems Launch CEE-PILOT™ Robotic USV Navigation Controller. In partnership with marine autonomy experts Dynautics Ltd and hydrographic survey acquisition software developer Eye4Software, CEE HydroSystems can now offer uniquely simple robotic control for the CEE-USV™. Like all CEE products, the principal design criteria was ease of use. With the survey line planning and USV course uploading handled by Hydromagic and no remote PC on-board the USV, or cumbersome additional autonomy software, the CEE-PILOT™ architecture reduces to an absolute minimum the added complexity of a robotic solution, while still realizing the benefits of autonomous operation. LEARN MORE about the CEE-PILOT™ by visiting the web page or read the news release HERE.

Latest Generation Hemisphere Eclipse GNSS Offers Major CEESCOPE™ Upgrade. Representing a substantial performance upgrade to differential-grade CEESCOPE™ echo sounders, all new 2019 CEESCOPE™ units are standardized on the advanced multi-constellation, multi-frequency Eclipse OEM receiver. The new CEESCOPE™ is fully scalable from an SBAS solution to Hemisphere’s Atlas BASIC “lifetime” 0.5m accurate worldwide service, up to Atlas H10 8cm precision subscription corrections. The Trimble and NovAtel RTK CEESCOPE™ models are unaffected. LEARN MORE.

CEE-LINE™ Case History from GIS Surveyors, Inc USA. Surveying Lake Eleanor near Thousand Oaks, California called for a simple and easy method. The small lake was perfect for a kayak, and GIS Surveyors’ Gavin McKellar outfitted the boat with a trolling motor so he could survey without excessive roll movement. The CEE-LINE™ echo sounder was connected to a Trimble TSC3 data collector and continuous topo points were collected from the R10 GNSS receiver as Gavin undertook a survey grid pattern covering the lake. Read the full case history HERE or watch GIS in action on the VIDEOS page.

CAJUN-USV in Action on Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana USA
CAJUN-USV in Action on Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana USA. Destined for effluent pond surveying in the paper mill industry throughout the south eastern USA, the NovAtel DGPS equipped CEE-USV™ adds rapid mobilization capability to traditional manned-boat survey services. Running HYPACK software on the shore laptop, real time telemetry from the on-board CEESCOPE-LITE™ survey system presents an identical acquisition method whether using the USV or the manned boat. Before embarking on their first industrial water job using the USV, the field crew tested the system on a bayou off Lake Pontchartrain.
Icy Training with BayLand Consultants & Designers Inc. in Baltimore. Surveyors at the Maryland, USA firm recently augmented their hydrographic surveying capabilities with a new CEE ECHO™ and HYPACK acquisition software. With years of surveying experience using various methodologies, BayLand decided to expand their survey capabilities in 2019 with a classical hydrographic survey approach. During the CEE HydroSystems training event in Baltimore, January cold weather meant the BayLand pontoon boat was called into action as an icebreaker. However, a successful outcome was reached as a high quality HYPACK hydrographic survey was completed just a week later. Read the NEW CASE HISTORY HERE.
More River Monitoring USVs for California Department of Water Resources.

More River Monitoring USVs for California Department of Water Resources. Hydrologists from the CA DWR Central region are the latest group to benefit from remotely-operated acoustic Doppler velocity profiling courtesy of ARC-Boat USVs supplied by CEE HydroSystems USA. With typically low to moderate flow velocities in the region, the vehicle’s fine-tuned rudder and differential steering capability allows precise navigation even in the lowest flows. Set up to deploy Sontek M9 profilers with the River Surveyor software, hydrologists quickly were able to get to work monitoring early 2019 rains.

CEE-USV Surveying on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Surveyors and engineers responsible for the crude oil pipeline stretching 800 miles from the tanker port of Valdez to the oilfield at Prudhoe Bay experienced a quantum leap in field work efficiency and data quality with the implementation of a USV survey program using the RTK CEESCOPE-enabled CEE-USV. With pipeline crossing surveys required annually along the length of the pipeline, the USV approach is a perfect match.  WATCH THE VIDEO.

Integrated CEE Surveying Solution for Safe River Navigation. A river transportation company pushed their safety culture further forward with a high quality hydrographic survey program to manage river barge movements in the huge inland river system of the United States. The seamless interface between the CEESCOPE echo sounder, RosePoint ECS navigation and Hydromagic acquisition software allows easy production of “on the fly” charts. LEARN MORE.

Australian Land Survey Firm Start Hydrographic Services with 66km River Survey. New South Wales Survey and Planning firm Newton Denny Chapelle (NDC) recently called on CEE HydroSystems to get them up to speed with modern hydrographic methods and equipment. Starting with a river survey using their existing Leica GNSS equipment paired with the latest CEE echo sounders, NDC were able to see the benefits of an updated approach. READ MORE.

Historic Naval Dockyard Starts Hydrographic Surveys with RTK CEESCOPE™. Mare Island Dry Dock (MIDD) near Vallejo California, USA is on the site of a historic naval dockyard on the Napa River. With rapid sediment accumulation at the berths and caissons, routine dredging is needed. Instead of calling out a survey contractor, MIDD decided to start up their own “in house” survey capability. With the RTK CEESCOPE™ accessing local California Real Time Network NTRIP corrections through HYPACK® software, the MIDD survey boat was in action after only three days on-site CEE training. Learn more and read the new CASE HISTORY HERE.
Synergy Positioning Systems Become CEE HydroSystems Resale Partner. GNSS and drone equipment specialist Synergy Positioning Systems in New Zealand are the latest CEE partner, offering our full range of high quality hydrographic solutions. To visit Synergy Positioning, click HERE.
Five Hours of On-Line Hydromagic Training Now Available. New tutorial videos are available for all aspects of hydrographic surveying using Eye4Software Hydromagic only directly from CEE HydroSystems. Learn more HERE.

SBG Systems Ellipse2-E INS and WiFi Connectivity Added to CEESCOPE™ for Jet Ski Surveys. Designed for Personal Watercraft (“Jet Ski” – PWC) hydrographic surveying using HYPACK®, CEE HydroSystems’ latest CEESCOPE™ echo sounder adds a direct interface to the SBG Systems Ellipse2-E GNSS aided Inertial Navigation System (INS) and high-power WiFi telemetry to create an even more flexible single beam “all in one” survey package. The latest CEESCOPE-R™ variant represents a particularly appropriate and unique solution for surf zone hydrographic surveying. Learn more HERE.

USV Hydrographic Surveying – From the Land Surveyors Perspective. Often surveying with unmanned survey boats such as the CEE-USV™ is described by hydrographic surveyors or marketing specialists for the equipment manufacturers. The June 2018 edition of the US survey magazine xyHt featured a great article contributed by surveyors at Statewide Land Surveying in Oregon, USA describing their hydrographic exploits using the CEE-USV™, compared to historically (difficult) methods. Download the PDF HERE or visit the xyHt web site HERE.

CEE HydroSystems Supply Jet Ski Single Beam RTK Survey Package. CEE HydroSystems recently supplied a unique single beam hydrographic survey package for shallow water surveys to be performed using a Jet Ski by a French survey firm on behalf of an oil major. Instead of a complete “turnkey” survey personal watercraft, CEE supplied a portable “add on” survey pack that the client could easily mount onto an existing craft. Using the unique compact CEESCOPE™ RTK as the foundation for the system offered a small form factor solution with a waterproof design ready for the rigors of surveying in the surf zone and beyond. Learn more HERE.

CEESCOPE Echo Sounder Now Available With NovAtel OEM7 555-Channel GNSS.

CEESCOPE Echo Sounder Now Available With NovAtel OEM7 555-Channel GNSS. The NovAtel OEM6 GNSS receiver card used in the CEESCOPE has been replaced with NovAtel’s latest low power, high performance OEM729 receiver. The new GNSS option brings a vast increase in available channels for future-proofing, improved interference rejection, and better performance in challenging environments. The TerraStar L-Band support remains and the OEM729-equipped CEESCOPE is available with a built-in UHF radio modem and direct Ethernet connectivity to the GNSS receiver for NTRIP cell-phone RTK corrections

New CEESCOPE Drivers for HYPACK 2018 are Available. HYPACK has recently upgraded the GPS and CEESCOPE drivers used by the CEE ECHO and CEESCOPE echo sounders. The method that HYPACK uses to handle CEE’s special time stamps has been modified, resulting in even tighter precision for CEE single beam surveys. Users operating a CEESCOPE or CEE ECHO on a USV or with telemetered data may find some benefits in conditions where the radio link is weak. HERE.

CEE HydroSystems in Myanmar for Hydrographic Survey Training.  In support of a major World Bank hydrographic survey equipment initiative in Myanmar, CEE HydroSystems was on hand to provide two weeks of intensive hardware and software training for local Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement (DWIR) hydrographers. Using the latest Trimble CEESCOPE™ with RTK “all in one” single beam survey echo sounder systems and HYPACK® software delivered by CEE HydroSystems, the survey department quickly were able to start their single beam survey program. READ MORE.

Surveying with the CEESCOPE on the E-Flow Project Bhutan.  If you have ever wondered about surveying a flushing toilet then this challenge probably comes close.  There was no easy way to obtain bathymetry data for the river surveys and Bhutanese surveyors were tested in fitness as well as hydrographic data collection. The RTK CEESCOPE was used for river bed elevation measurements with all data logged on the echo sounder as the operators had other things to worry about than operating a laptop. NEW CASE HISTORY.

CEE-USV Mine Site Surveying in British Columbia, Canada. For bathymetry surveys of settling ponds, pit lakes, tailings dams and other water reservoirs where access is restricted or unsafe, the CEE-USV presents a perfect solution. Coal mine surveyors in Western Canada kicked off their new USV program with three unmanned surveys during the CEE on-site training course with plenty more to follow including coal tailings deposition reservoirs. WATCH THE VIDEO.

CalTrans Developing New Scour Assessment Methods using Inertial Navigation and GPS. Conducting effective bathymetry surveys for bridge scour monitoring is hampered by a lack of GPS coverage under the bridge. Bad data, no data at all, or laborious manual measurements producing sparse data are the usual options. CalTrans are using their CEE single beam echo sounder with an Advanced Navigation INS sensor to improve their bridge scour hydrographic surveys and minimize missing data. LEARN MORE.

Statewide Land Surveying Use CEE-USV for Oregon Marina Surveys. As part of their new unmanned vehicle surveying program, Statewide’s new CEE-USV hydrographic survey boat was in action performing a pre-dredge survey at Detroit Lake in Oregon, USA. Able to weave between the hundreds of moored boats in the marina, the CEE-USV was the perfect way to maximize coverage in the confined spaces of the survey. See more of the marina survey HERE.

2017 CEE HydroSystems USA Hydrographic Field Training. The summer survey season is the busiest time for CEE’s customer field training. From experienced land surveyors to users with no previous survey experience at all, new CEE customers in North America benefit from field training to get their hydrographic survey programs effective and efficient without delay. Including HYPACK and Hydromagic training, introduction to hydrographic survey methods, GPS setup and integration, and boat operation, new users are not left scratching their heads after opening their new echo sounder delivery! See some examples of CEE survey setups HERE.

CEE HydroSystems USA Delivers ARC-Boats to California State Hydrologists. To improve safety, efficiency and measurement flexibility in their stream and river gauging program, California State Department of Resources has begun implementing a drone survey capability using the HR Wallingford ARC-Boat remotely-operated acoustic Doppler current profiler vehicle. ARC-Boats are already in action at the Sacramento and Red Bluff offices and present an exceptionally well designed, high performance survey tool for flood stage and routine measurements. See the ARC-Boats in action HERE.

Los Angeles Times – CalTrans use CEE Echo Sounders for Bridge Scour Surveying. The LA Times filmed a segment about ongoing surveying of California’s bridge infrastructure by California’s Department of Transportation. The hydrographic survey program aims to better understand risks to highway bridge integrity from scour during high flow conditions, and incorporates evaluation of novel techniques to aid scour surveying. Senior Bridge Engineer Kevin Flora explains to the LA Times details about their program, which relies on CEE HydroSystems single beam echo sounding and Trimble GNSS equipment. Watch CalTrans in action HERE.

CEESCOPE-USV Training for University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver. CEE HydroSystems recently supplied a turnkey USV system built around the RTK CEESCOPE-USV telemetry-enabled echo sounder to Dr Brett Eaton of the Geography Department of UBC. With a Leica GS15 GNSS RTK base station supplied by Spatial Technologies (Calgary, AB) the new USV will be used for shallow water river surveys, in combination with airborne drone ortho photogrammetry for topography. The research goal is to better understand how rivers and streams respond to environmental changes.  CEE were on hand for training in picturesque Deep Cove, North Vancouver. Learn more about the UBC research group HERE

CEE HydroSystems Launch CEE LINE™ Echo Sounder Kit. Packaged into a complete mounting kit for basic hydrographic surveys, the latest CEE LINE™ is aimed at land surveyors wishing to undertake small hydro projects. With the CEE LINE, you don’t have to make do with a rudimentary echo sounder for a basic survey. The CEE LINE is almost bomb proof, has a simple communication interface and does not ever need charging courtesy of its USB connection. No trimmed down performance specs or recreational transducers here – professional grade components only! The “sonar on a stick” concept has been around for a few years but the CEE LINE offers a quality-first approach to this survey setup. LEARN MORE.
CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ with New Bluetooth GNSS Input Delivered to USACE. New firmware launched in April 2017 activates direct GNSS data input from any Bluetooth-enabled Smart Antenna (eg. Trimble R8, R10, SPS, Leica GS, Hemisphere S320, S321, TopCon Hiper, Topcon GR5) that can output a standard NMEA message over a Bluetooth link. Instead of connecting a serial data output cable between the GNSS serial or USB port to the echo sounder, users may choose to pair the devices using the CEESCOPE touchscreen and operate in wireless mode for RTK, L-Band, or DGPS surveys. The most modern, flexible survey echo sounder just got more flexible! The first three CEE ECHO units with the new firmware were shipped to the Louisville USACE district to replace ageing single beam equipment, through CEE HydroSystems representative Measutronics.
CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ with New Bluetooth GNSS Input Delivered to USACE. New firmware launched in April 2017 activates direct GNSS data input from any Bluetooth-enabled Smart Antenna (eg. Trimble R8, R10, SPS, Leica GS, Hemisphere S320, S321, TopCon Hiper, Topcon GR5) that can output a standard NMEA message over a Bluetooth link. Instead of connecting a serial data output cable between the GNSS serial or USB port to the echo sounder, users may choose to pair the devices using the CEESCOPE touchscreen and operate in wireless mode for RTK, L-Band, or DGPS surveys. The most modern, flexible survey echo sounder just got more flexible! The first three CEE ECHO units with the new firmware were shipped to the Louisville USACE district to replace ageing single beam equipment, through CEE HydroSystems representative Measutronics.
Hydroline LLC Set New Standard in Frac Water Volume Surveys. With a custom-designed one-person survey boat using the CEESCOPE™ echo sounder system and HYPACK® software, Lousiana-based oilfield support company Hydroline LLC are able to offer the best frac water volume surveys in the region. Using professional hydrographic-quality hardware, software, and survey processes, Hydroline customers get accurate and trustworthy frac water volume estimates.  Read the CASE HISTORY to LEARN MORE.
CEE HydroSystems USA Launch CEE-USV™ Remotely-Operated Hydrographic Survey Boat. Matching the unique CEESCOPE-USV™ remote echo sounder technology with the leading portable USV from HR Wallingford has led to the new standard in remote drone bathymetry. With exceptional “survey grade” durability and an unparalleled modular flexibility and ease of operation unlike any USV on the market, the CEE-USV™ sets the new standard for shallow water hydrographic systems.  LEARN MORE.
Swathe Services (Truro, UK) conduct bathymetric survey for the Port of Tarragona.  Swathe surveyors used their new Belisama Inception remotely-operated survey boat “drone” with CEE HydroSystems RTK CEESCOPE-USV single beam echo sounder and telemetry package on board. With shallow water and restricted access, the job was ideal for a small USV.  MORE.

American Engineers Inc. Offer Hydrographic Surveying with State-of-the Art CEE USV. Incorporating the unique CEESCOPE-USV echo sounder, CEE USA recently delivered a custom remotely-operated unmanned surface vessel (USV) to engineering and surveying firm AEI. With an unrivalled simplicity in operation owing to the modular and advanced design, AEI are at the forefront of inshore USV technology. READ MORE.

NewFields present sonar paper at Tailings and Mine Waste Conference 2016
NewFields present sonar paper at Tailings and Mine Waste Conference 2016. Using detailed “HD” dual frequency echo sounder data from their CEE ECHO™ deployed on a USV, NewFields surveyors are able to track tailings storage facility (TSF) bathymetry as a new TSF evolves, and use the sub bottom echogram data to better understand tailings deposition processes and material distribution inside the TSF.
New CEESCOPE with Hemisphere Atlas L-Band Subscription GNSS Corrections. With the new Hemisphere GNSS P326 Eclipse™ OEM receiver installed inside the waterproof CEESCOPE™ enclosure, the latest CEE package offers a scalable approach combining dual frequency GNSS with the world-wide Atlas L-Band® correction service. Users gain access to decimeter-accurate positioning and the benefit of multi constellation performance with a single subscription.   MORE
Swathe Services Select CEESCOPE-USV for new Inception Remote Survey Boat. Swathe Services (Truro, UK) recently started trials of their first remotely-operated survey boat, jointly developed with local partner MSDS Marine. The Inception class portable USV is a professional hydrographic survey vehicle for single beam and multibeam surveying. A robust aluminum-hulled catamaran with dual weed-resistant thrusters, the main design goal was to provide maximum utility with minimum complexity, eliminating the often hidden cost of ownership of a USV. With easily-replaceable critical components and off the shelf battery power. Simply launch, power up and start surveying!   MORE
Two new CEE HydroSystems distributors in Southeastern USA. Aqua-Tech Services and Measutronics have become the first CEE distributors supporting hydrographic customers in the Southeastern USA. Based in Lakeland, Florida, Measutronics are an established Trimble Marine dealer and Service Center and are active selling GNSS positioning, advanced LiDAR and multibeam echo sounder packages to the marine construction and hydrographic survey industries. Aqua-Tech Services of Broussard, Louisiana supply rental equipment to the offshore oil and gas and hydrographic industries, and represent several manufacturers including Hemisphere GNSS.   MORE
Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate Describes CEE HydroSystems S.A.M. Jet on Channel 9 News. The latest weapon in the survey arsenal to combat beach erosion in the city of Gold Coast Australia was featured on Channel 9 News, with Mayor Tom Tate taking the state of the art personal watercraft survey system supplied by CEE HydroSystems for a spin. While including some obvious technical inaccuracies regarding the data density achieved by the system, the story does a great job explaining the benefits of the new survey vehicle.   MORE
CEE HydroSystems launch CEESCOPE-USV™ hydrographic system for USVs. Based on the CEESCOPE™ echo sounder, the CEESCOPE-USV™ incorporates long range data telemetry and a dedicated shore radio (base) station for use on remotely-operated boats. With a built-in long range data telemetry system inside the echo sounder, the CEESCOPE-USV™ is a unique survey solution for unmanned, autonomous or remotely-operated boats – as well as manned boats. Eliminating the need for instrument integration on the vessel, CEE HydroSystems can make sure your USV is a survey tool not a science project.  MORE
Royal Australian Navy Receive Six RTK CEESCOPE™ Systems for Rapid Response SurveysCEE HydroSystems delivered the last of six high performance RTK CEESCOPE™ “all in one” echo sounder survey systems to the Royal Australian Navy hydrographic group based in Cairns. Acquired to replace ageing CEEDUCER™ echo sounders, the CEESCOPE systems will be used with HYPACK® MAX for littoral reconnaissance surveys and hydrographic training at HPAS Penguin in Sydney Harbor. Selected for ruggedness, simplicity in operation, and the availability of local hardware and software support support from the CEE HydroSystems factory in Sydney, the new equipment will be dispatched to remote locations.  READ MORE
CEE HydroSystems Adds New UK and Ireland Distributor Swathe Services CEE HydroSystems has added Truro, UK-based hydrographic equipment specialist Swathe Services as an official representative for the United Kingdom and Ireland. With experience in supplying multibeam, singlebeam, side scan, and interferometric sonar, motion, and positioning systems for bathymetric surveys as well as Unmanned Surface Vessel solutions, Swathe Services are well placed to support CEE’s latest echo sounder equipment.  READ MORE
CEE HydroSystems Adds New European Distributor Geometius b.v. CEE HydroSystems has entered into a new 2016 distributor agreement with marine and land survey specialist Geometius b.v. As a Trimble dealer, Geometius is now able to offer CEE HydroSystems’ survey-grade echo sounders along with their positioning solutions.  READ MORE
Feature Article in GPS World Magazine – CEESCOPE™ and HYPACK For Navigation SurveysGPS World magazine published a great story based on the CEESCOPE™ surveys conducted by YWAM in Papua New Guinea.  READ THE ARTICLE
PrimeGPS Become CEE HydroSystems Representative in France and Africa CEE HydroSystems recently signed a representation agreement with positioning and hydrographic equipment distributor PrimeGPS. Based in Sainte Luce Sur Loire, PrimeGPS supply survey equipment to the offshore, construction, mining, and dredging industries in Europe and French-speaking African countries.
CEE HydroSystems USA Inc. Opens in San Diego, California CEE HydroSystems has continued its recent expansion by opening an office in San Diego, California. Located in North San Diego County, CEE HydroSystems USA Inc. will help to maximize growth in the USA, Canada, and South America. The San Diego office will be run by newly-appointed Vice President (Sales) Adrian McDonald. READ MORE
City of Gold Coast Receive First CEE JET™ PWC Hydrographic Survey System In order to reduce its reliance on labour-intensive manual measurements with a level rod and total station through the surf zone, the city council of Australia’s premier beach destination has taken delivery of a CEE JET™ single beam hydrographic survey system. Using a RTK CEESCOPE™ and Sea-Doo personal watercraft, the CEE JET™ is a turnkey nearshore hydrographic package for sand nourishment studies. READ MORE
WaterCube use CEE HydroSystems Echo Sounder with Hemisphere AtlasLink™ GNSS For Florida River Survey River bathymetry and velocity mapping specialists WaterCube LLC recently completed a three-day field survey of the Silver River in Florida. The goal was to develop a detailed view of the river characteristics needed for mathematical modeling. With big challenges from tree canopy and the river bottom completely covered in thick vegetation, the CEESCOPE™ was used to define the true bottom underneath the dense plant growth.  READ MORE
CEE HydroSystems Brings Hydrographic Surveying to County of Santa Barbara, CASurveyors from the County of Santa Barbara, California USA decided to expand their range of in-house services by performing hydrographic surveys of local creeks using their CEE HydroSystems CEE ECHO™ survey echo sounder and HYPACK® hydrographic software. The Santa Barbara team are part of an ongoing flood control project, that requires periodic surveys of the Goleta Slough creek system and surrounding wetland.  READ MORE
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