New CEE LINE™ Device Plugin for Hydromagic

Eye4Software Hydromagic has included an advanced device plugin for the CEESCOPE™ and CEE ECHO™ for several years. Now the CEE LINE™ joins the list of supported devices with a comprehensive plugin that not only allows easy collection of sonar data from the echo sounder but also facilitates adjustment of the instrument’s operating settings. The sound velocity and maximum depth ranges may be configured, along with the operating mode – automatic, shallow, or manual bottom tracking. The plugin means Hydromagic users no longer need to use the CEE LINE CONNECT utility separately to check the setup of the echo sounder or make changes on the fly.

The 10Hz CEE LINE™ soundings may be easily viewed on the Hydromagic echo sounder profile viewer.

The CEE LINE™ is a digital depth echo sounder, designed for simple operation often with basic acquisition methods – usually GNSS data collectors – where the point density is quite low. When used with Hydromagic, the rigorous data timing and a significantly higher data recording rate (up to 10Hz) allows superior detail and quality control versus using GNSS acquisition software.