CEE HydroSystems are a leading manufacturer of compact shallow water hydrographic survey equipment

Why Choose CEE HydroSystems

Top Quality Component Selection:

CEE HydroSystems use only the highest quality components in manufacturing. From the latest powerful processor boards running advanced echo sounder bottom-tracking algorithms to our special custom-made Pelican™ case waterproof seals.

Small is Beautiful:

Shallow water echo sounders do not need to be huge. With powerful miniature processors and the latest GNSS receiver modules, the current generation of CEE echo sounders and “all in one” survey systems are professional hydrographic grade units with the benefits of real portability.

Form and Function:

Every CEE HydroSystems product has a spectacular finish and build quality, with exceptional attention to detail. We think about the operator experience with the equipment in use; we try to offer simple elegant solutions.

About CEE HydroSystems

CEE HydroSystems manufacture hydrographic survey equipment including single beam echo sounders with GPS / GNSS for precise bottom mapping in shallow water environments. The company focuses on providing compact and portable systems that simplify the survey process by combining multiple components into a single waterproof and robust enclosure. Previous product lines include the CEEDUCER™ and CEEDUCER PRO™ “all in one” GPS and echo sounder systems. The current generation of our portable single beam hydrographic survey system is the High Definition RTK-capable CEESCOPE™.

The CEE HydroSystems Story

In early 2011 Bruttour International launched CEE HydroSystems. This new division was established to focus on the development and manufacture of the field proven shallow water CEE hydrographic survey products first designed by Bruttour. Since the company’s inception, CEE HydroSystems have increased their design and engineering capabilities to enhance their product range and now offer a suite of highly specified single beam echo sounders, and the CEETIDE™ tide gauge. CEE HydroSystems continue to innovate and are bringing modern processing power to single beam echo sounder equipment. This approach results in equipment substantially smaller, lighter, and more robust than alternative products that may be based on technology that has changed little over several years. As a result of electronic component development, smaller modern echo sounder processors are significantly more powerful than larger older versions. So there no longer has to be a compromise between size, convenience and performance of shallow water hydrographic echo sounders. With CEE HydroSystems equipment, it is possible to have capability and convenience at the same time. All CEE products are manufactured in Australia to the highest standard of quality and are rigorously field tested.

Product Development at Bruttour International and CEE HydroSystems