Legacy single beam echo sounder

CEEDUCER™ Legacy Single Beam Hydrographic Echo Sounder Systems

The CEE HydroSystems CEEDUCER™, CEEDUCER PRO™, and CEESTAR™ hydrographic survey single beam echo sounders have been successfully surveying rivers, lakes, ports, harbors and the coastal marine environment for many years. Designed to give the small-boat surveyor a compact, rugged and portable “one box” survey solution, the CEE range of echo sounders manufactured by Bruttour International are used all over the world. With reliable operation and an easy to use streamlined survey process, many surveyors started undertaking hydrographic survey work with the CEE equipment. However, with the inception of the latest generation of CEE products: CEESCOPE™, CEEPULSE™, CEE-LINE™ and CEE ECHO™ systems, the older echo sounders are no longer available. This does not mean that product or technical support is not offered for the legacy equipment; please use the contact page if you have any questions about existing equipment in use.

With the new product range comes a step-change in performance associated with the move away from systems based on smart transducers. The latest CEE HydroSystems echo sounders are high definition, high ping rate devices using traditional standard analog hydrographic survey transducers coupled with powerful processors driving advanced bottom tracking algorithms. Still designed for shallow water under 200m, the latest echo sounders are all programmed to present the best performance possible for the surveyor in inshore water and the shallow water marine environment. Contact us to learn about the latest innovations being brought to shallow water hydrographic surveying and how you may be able to upgrade your legacy echo sounder to the latest high definition survey package. To better understand the differences between the current and legacy products, the summary table below contrasts some key specifications.

Ping Rate20 Hz6 Hz6 Hz
Echogram output3200spp HDNoneNone
High Frequency190 - 210 kHz200 kHz200 kHz
Low Frequency30 - 36 kHz30 kHz30 kHz
Max depth200m100m100m
TransducerAnalog PassiveAirmar SMARTAirmar SMART
Use existing transducerYesNoNo
Internal loggingYesYesNo
UHF RadioYesNoN/A
GPS update rate20 Hz2 HzN/A
Contact us to find out how you can upgrade your existing CEEDUCER™ line echo sounder, or learn about the exciting features of the latest shallow water echo sounders designed and manufactured by CEE HydroSystems.