Swathe Services Complete Survey of Tarragona Harbor, Spain using CEESCOPE-USV™

The new Belisama Inception USV, carrying the CEE HydroSystems CEESCOPE-USV™ “all in one” echo sounder, positioning, and data telemetry package was recently in action conducting a single beam survey in Tarragona Harbor, Spain. Restricted access made the job ideal for a USV, and the 16 line-km of survey was covered by a two-person crew. HYPACK® software was used for acquisition, editing, and final product generation.The CEE-LINK telemetry base station was set up in a few locations as the surveyors moved around the harbor, and elevation was monitored by the RTK CEESCOPE-USV™ using UHF corrections from a temporary base station. A great result with the perfect tool for the job.