CEE HydroSystems Launch CEE LINE™ Echo Sounder Kit

For basic hydrographic surveys, collecting echo sounder bathymetry data using a GNSS field data collector or tablet may be a cost effective approach for land survey firms to conduct small surveys in rivers, lakes, ponds and industrial water reservoirs. Although limited in quality control processes and data density versus a hydrographic survey methods using dedicated software, the approach is valid for relatively straightforward survey areas. CEE HydroSystems has entered this application area with the new CEE LINE™ kit. With a focus on high quality echo sounding components and indestructible simplistic design, the CEE LINE™ dispenses with batteries and Bluetooth in favor of a USB cabled connection. Just plug the CEE LINE™ into the acquisition device and it’s powered-up and ready to go; modern efficient electronics with low power draw ensures battery life of the connected acquisition device remains plentiful. The CEE LINE™ is a completely waterproof two-part system, connected by rugged LEMO connectors. The CEE LINE™ transducer is a hydrographic quality analog transducer, common to high-end survey echo sounders; the CEE LINE™ “tube” contains all the control electronics to determine the depth at up to 10Hz and output in several formats. With the ability to adjust sonic ping characteristics, sound speed, and the option of a dual frequency 33 kHhz channel activation the CEE LINE™ is a true hydrographic echo sounder.

Describing the reasons behind the design elements of the new echo sounder, Peter Garforth of CEE HydroSystems said “We wanted to bring our high quality echo sounding processor engine to the data collector application, where surveyors do not currently have many equipment choices. While Bluetooth has become common, we decided to take an alternate approach. By using a cable, interface issues may be reduced and with modern data collectors all having vast Lithium battery power reserves and hot-swappable power packs it made sense to further simplify the echo sounder setup by eliminating the requirement for an internal battery. That way, the CEE LINE™ is always ready to start surveying with the minimum of fuss. Further, this design allows the unit to be completely encased in a polyurethane resin – leading to virtual indestructibility.”














For users of Trimble GNSS, the BathySurvey app for Trimble Access field software offers users an enhanced CEE LINE™ interface, with the ability to view soundings in more details and adjust sonar settings in real time.