2017 CEE HydroSystems USA Summer Hydrographic Field Training

With the opening of the USA sales and support office in 2015, field training is now easily accommodated in North and South America. To make sure new customers get off to a great start, CEE are on hand to get things rolling. Whether for veteran land surveyors improving their hydrographic capabilities or complete survey novices being introduced to GPS and echo sounding techniques for the first time, a training program can be drawn up suitable for individual needs. From the factory in Sydney, Australia, CEE HydroSystems continue to conduct annual HYPACK training seminars and comprehensive customer training throughout Asia and Oceania and we make sure that no customer ever complains about lack of support – no matter where they are located. Here are a few examples of CEE echo sounder survey setups from the summer activities out of the US office.

Industrial water surveying at a copper mine in South America, with the dual frequency CEE ECHO matched to a Trimble R10 site rover – connected using Bluetooth:



CEESCOPE product training for SF Contract Services in Louisiana for dredging and shallow water surveys. SFCS acquired CEE HydroSystems’ high quality survey equipment to provide some data clarity in the murky world of industrial sludge removal, and general shallow water surveys in the region on their new GatorTail dual drive survey boat.



In wine country, California Trinchero Family Estates improving their effluent pond sludge management program, with less horsepower required.



Experienced land surveyors Cardno, in Florida started work with a CEE ECHO 24/200 kHz dual frequency echo sounder paired with their Leica GNSS. With the bulky but very effective dual frequency transducer, Cardno used CEE’s new clamp-on universal Jon boat mount and were the first to benefit from Hydromagic version 8’s new high definition echogram driver specially implemented for the CEESCOPE and CEE ECHO.



For beach surveys in La Paz for dredging and marine construction, Mexican engineering and surveying firm Nolte visited San Diego to get their new CEE ECHO running with their Trimble R8 rovers before the survey commenced. With a 200 kHz single frequency requirement, CEE’s lightweight boat mount was suitable for the job.